GPU Failure

Graphics Chip Repairs

GPU Failure

A problem that afflicts many Apple iMac’s and Mac Books is the failure of the Nvidia Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) this affects video output to the screen, and manifests itself in a number of different ways, often the image on the screen is distorted or maybe the Mac goes into a boot loop. We at the Mac-Shack specialise in GPU repairs and enjoy a very high success rate in repairing  this very  prevalent  problem. Some of the more common issue’s resulting from this are listed below.


Totally dead - No boot

Display remains black on power up

Displays distorted text

Displays no video

Distorted video

Distorted after warming up

Chime but no video

Powers on but no chime or video

Powers on but no video

Powers on briefly then shuts off

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On the arrival of your faulty iMac or Macbook we diagnose the exact fault and if determined to be GPU failure we will provide you with a fixed price quote, which will include the repair or replacement of failed GPU.